How to Order

Payment  -  Credit Card   VISA  Master  JCB  American Express  ALIPAY   


Shipping-  We use Air mail with tracking number via Japan Post.                   


It takes 2 or 3 weeks for the arrival.
The shipping cost is 1800 yen.
If your order is more than 2 items, the additional cost is just 200 yen for
each additional one.
You can check the status of the shipping at the website of Japan Post.  

If customs ask import tax, the receiver needs to pay it.


Shipping option-     If you want to use EMS and other method for the shipping, please ask us before you order.

Return policy -  If the product of your order has defects, we would accept the full   refund.  You don't need to return it to our shop.

If you don't receive products within 30 days after order date, we would accept the full refund.


Here is the step for an order.