Terms of service


Distributor : Junya Okawa

General manager : Junya Okawa

Address : 213-5-7-14 Kita-Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Phone number : 090-3001-7769

Email address : junya.ohkawa@gmail.com

Payment method : Credit card

Necessary charges other than product price :  Shipping cost : Basic fee is 1800 Japan Yen. If you order more than 2 items, the additional cost is 200 Japan Yen for each additional one.

Payment date : Credit card posting date

Handling time : We ship products to customer's address within 5 days after the payement.

Return policyIf the product of your order has defects, we would accept the full   refund.  You don't need to return it to our shop. If you don't receive products within 30 days after order date, we would accept the full refund.