Best Ramen shop in Tokyo

■Homemade Ramen Mugi Nae

Station: 7minutes from  JR Omori station   JR Keihin-tohoku line  (2 station from Shinagawa station)

Price : Shoyu Ramen 1100 Yen
Business hour : 11:00~15:30  
Regular holiday : Wednesday Thursday
Bookkeeping system: 
Customers need to register at the time you want to come to the waiting board from 9:00 in the morning

In Omori, a hidden ramen battleground, there is a long line of people waiting for the famous Mugi Nae restaurant every day. A cup of dashi made from natural ingredients, without using any chemical seasonings or yeast extracts, has a deep flavor that gradually permeates. The light soup is exquisitely entwined with the homemade noodles, and the umami-filled ingredients are all mixed together. The wonderful balance is probably the result of Mr. Fukaya's uncompromising and meticulous work. 



■Ginza Hachigo

Business hour : 11:00~
Regular holiday : Saturday and Sunday
Station : 3 minutes from Higashi-ginza station (Subway: Hibiya line and Toei Asakusa line)

A ramen shop in Higashi Ginza that has won a Michelin star for two consecutive years. Founded in 2019 by a master French chef who served as the former executive chef of the All Nippon Airways Hotel in Kyoto.  This shop offer unique ramen noodles made with only the umami of the ingredients without using "kaeshi",  It has a dignified appearance that can be mistaken for a high-class sushi restaurant, and is famous worldwide, such as Justin Bieber's visit.